Preparing for Your Engagement Session

So you've found a wedding photographer and you've booked your engagement session. Congrats! Now What?

preparing for your engagement session
preparing for your engagement session
preparing for your engagement session
preparing for your engagement session

My engagement sessions are fun and fast paced. The smiles that you see? They're real! I really do want you to have a good time. In preparation for your first session, there are a few things you can do to help make it perfect.

Picking a theme: think outside the box - camping, cooking, canoeing, climbing, crushing grapes, catching fireflies, the list is endless (and by all means, don't limit yourself to just 'C' activities either!) Any activity is going to be great for pictures. Let your imagination run wild and remember that I'm always available to bounce ideas off of. Of course, it's totally cool if you want a chilled out session just hanging out somewhere; those are great too!

Picking a location(s):  I love it when my couples pick locations that are meaningful to them. The photos instantly become more personal. If you feel a bit nervous in front of the camera, try picking locations with fewer people. You'll be that much more relaxed if no one else is around. 

Clothes: wear things that you LOVE. You should look good, but there's no need to dress up just for the sake of dressing up. Be yourself. Wear clothes that you feel really comfortable in. Don't forget the accessories. Necklaces, bracelets, ties, vests, hats. These little things can make an outfit really pop. 

Colours: are great! Don't try too hard to match your partner. In fact, exact matching outfits (think white tops and blue jeans) are probably not the best idea. Coordinated complimentary colours, on the other hand, are fantastic.  Don't know what goes together? I can help with that. Also bring some extra clothes on the day of the shoot in case things get messy.

Props: are not necessary, but can be a lot of fun. They also give you something to do with your hands if you're unsure. Meaningful props are great, but so are the whimsical classics - balloons, flowers, signs, etc.

On the day of the shoot: use it as an opportunity to pamper yourselves. Head to the spa, get your hair styled, get a massage, and relax! When getting your hair done, it doesn't need to be wedding day hair; basically, you just want to look like the best version of your normal self.

Other than that, there's isn't much more to prepare for. Don't feel pressure to practice posing at home. Part of the fun is the nervousness that you feel being in front of the camera for the first time. It's my job to make you feel comfortable and to make you look beautiful and awesome.

That does it for the most commonly asked questions. If you have anything specific to your engagement that you want to chat about, please don't hesitate to contact me. Have fun on your shoots!